[] Prerequisites:

  • Candidate should be certified as a SCUBA Diver or Open Water
  • Possess a log book and dives are logged for reference
  • Liability releases and medical report will be requested prior to course enrollment.

[]  Details:

  • Course name: Advanced Level Course
  • Limits: Maximum depth: 30-40 meters
  • Duration: A minimum of 21 hours course required and will depend on your personal time or/and the schedule of the group you are in.

[] Structure:

  • 1 Orientation Session
  • Independent studies (Manual to read) + Final exam
  • 6 Open Water Specialty dives + 2 Free Dives:
    • 3 Mandatory Specialities : Deep + Navigation + Night or Low Visibility
    • 3 Specialities out of: Pic Performance Buoyancy, Lead, Wreck, Search & Recovery, Photography, Collection, …

[] Gear:

  • All needed gear will be provided by XDC nevertheless, full personal gear is highly recommended.
  • Personal Gear: mask, booties, wetsuit, fins, bcd, regulator, computer
  • Personal Gear for the advanced (a must): smb + spool + compass + 2 lights + slate

[] Rate & Payment

  • Down payment is required
  • Course Fee: 500- USD
  • Special group rates are available

[] Certifications

No certifications are to be issued unless all the below are all met:

  • Prerequisites met
  • All courses fully completed
  • Written exam submitted with a passing grade
  • Courses fees completely paid
  • Certifications are  earned not purchased

[] Rules

  • Skipping a planned/approved session for more than once will result on a 50$ extra charge to have the session reschedule.
  • If any of the above course(s) was not fully completed after 3 months of its start date, will result on cancelling the course without any compensation.
  • The courses fees are non-refundable in the event: Attendee Stopped, By-passed 3 months or Cancelled.